Sound City Master Lead 50 Head & Cabinet (Pre Order)

Sound City Master Lead 50 Head & Cabinet (Pre Order)


Sound City Master Lead 50 Head & Cabinet in Black

Meet the Sound City Master Lead 50.

Not much compares to the experience of striking an open E chord when you have some tube-driven sonic heft behind you.

The heart of the Master Lead 50 is the dual-Mullard-EL34 power amp section that is designed to saturate when pushed.

Brace yourself for a paradigm shifting amplifier experience. The Sound City Master Lead 50 dares modern players to go back to rock’s brawny, tube-melting roots and experience the freedom of unbridled musical expression.

The Master Lead 50 also excels as a power house foundation for your pedals and effects. Whether straight-in or with your pedal board, the SC50 will inspire your creativity and elevate your performance.

The legendary amp for legends in the making.


  • 50 Watts
  • Control Panel:
  • Input 1 (Low sensitivity, Normal)
  • Input 2 (High sensitivity, Normal)
  • Input 3 (Low sensitivity, Brilliant)
  • Input 4 (High sensitivity, Brilliant)
  • Normal Volume
  • Brilliant Volume
  • Master Volume
  • Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence
  • Power Tubes:
  • V5-V6 Mullard EL34 Matched Pair
  • Preamp Tubes:
  • V1 - 12AX7 Tung-Sol
  • V2, V3 - 12AX7A Ruby Selected
  • V4 - 12AT7 Ruby Selected
  • Speaker outputs: 4, 8, 16
  • Size: W 25-3/4" x H 11-1/2" x D 10-1/4" (65 cm x 29 cm x 26 cm)
  • Weight: 41 lbs (18.6 kg)