(SOLD) Shin-Ei FY6 “Baby Crying” Super Fuzz

(SOLD) Shin-Ei FY6 “Baby Crying” Super Fuzz


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This is an exact reproduction of the original, first version 1967 Honey Co. Ltd. "Baby Crying" FY-6 Super Fuzz.
Production is limited to one hundred units. Available in the original Vintage Gray finish and Vintage Black.


The Honey Co. Ltd. FY-6 "Baby Crying" effect was released in 1967. It was the very first incarnation of what was to become the "Super Fuzz". There were several versions of the FY-6 Baby Crying Fuzz during it first year of production and we have chosen our favorite features and incorporated them into a painstakingly accurate reproduction of the original. Only 100 units are available.

You can choose either original 60's Gray or Vintage Black.

SOUNDUsing only the highest quality parts, we have duplicated the original electronic circuitry of the FY-6 and recreated its original magic. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between an original and our current unit. Each unit features NOS carbon comp resistors as well as the highest quality original design Matsushita/Panasonic transistors.

OPERATIONThe unit is controlled by the Balance/Expander knobs and the slider switch (Tone 1 & 2) which are located on the left side of the unit.


The FY-6 Baby Crying Super Fuzz is a highly accurate reproduction of the original units made in 1967. From the original "Honey Co. Ltd" foil label to the recessed control area on its steel enclosure, the FY-6 is hardly detectable from an original unit.

Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 in