Revelator ‘Retrosonic’ 50’s T-Style Black Guard Electric Guitar

Revelator ‘Retrosonic’ 50’s T-Style Black Guard Electric Guitar


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Another great build from Revelator Guitars that revives an old classic.....This is a great sounding Retrosonic Black Guard Blonde 50's T-Style Electric Guitar!

Weight : 6.5 lbs
Body : Swamp Ash
Fretboard Radius : 9.5"
Fret Size : 6105
Pups : Arcane 51's
Neck : Maple
Neck Back Profile : Med "C" .83"
Hardware : Nickel

About Eric “ E “ of Revelator Guitars : 

    "I got involved in building relic style guitars a loooong time ago. When I started, I think unofficially in like 97-98 there were only a couple other guys that I was even aware of. I started in my dad’s barn by making exact copies of my 1958 Telecaster body out of body blanks and selling them to this cat named Jonathan Wilson who was making killer guitars out of Greenwich Village in NYC. He had a company called GVCG at the time. He’s an amazing, much sought after producer, artist and guitarist and runs his five star studios now. I think he’s still in Laurel Canyon Ca. I’ve always built on a very small scale just a couple at a time and most of the time just by myself so I’ve kind of flown under the radar for years now as far as notoriety but there’s a bunch of really great builders who know my work whom I’m friends with. I no longer make my own bodies as I had a near miss with a router once and decided keeping my fingers and playing guitar was a little more important than making my own bodies. I became aware of 'LA Vintage Gear' when Dan Strain of Danocaster began to use him as his only dealer. I knew if Dan was using him he must be an all around great store and good people. As anyone who knows anything is aware, Dan's stuff is just great. It's so good that he just builds what he wants now and just sells it online, usually in minutes. So as you can imagine, I was humbled and honored when Dan suggested to Clif that he call me to be the guy to fill the gap that Dan left when he scaled back and to provide LA Vintage with that level of quality, realistic, aged vintage style guitars. A huge thanks to Dan Strain, Clif, & the fellas at LAVG. Other than through me personally, Clif will be the sole distributor of Revelator instruments going forward and I couldn't be more grateful to be in business with the likes of him and the boys."

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