Park PMC 100 Limited Edition Amplifier Head -#1 of 5 – EL34 Plexi Style Head

Park PMC 100 Limited Edition Amplifier Head -#1 of 5 – EL34 Plexi Style Head


  Looking for the sound of an old EL34 Plexi ? Look no further! This PMC 100 Head is the latest offering from premier amp builder Mitch Colby. This one is #1 of 5 ! "This limited edition version features hard to find parts such as new old stock (NOS) Piher and Allen Bradley resistors, NOS Lemco and Phillips/Mullard “mustard” capacitors, brown Paxolin circuit boards with split turrets and Merrin clone transformers. "
From Park Amplification :

  " The PMC100 is a newly built limited-edition of the first version of the EL34 equipped 100 watt “M” style amps made famous in 1967 by many of the major guitarists of the day. Original production in 1967 was very small therefore they are very rare and hard to come by. The new PMC100 is true to the original with some small but significant upgrades designed to improve quality, reliability and the massive sound the amp produces. Parts were sourced to make sure that the amp sounds, feels and looks like the vintage originals. It has a wonderful sound somewhere between the KT66 version and the typical plexi EL34 based 100W amps produced from 1968 and later. The best of both worlds! It is capable of full sounding clean sounds and harmonically rich overdrive tones with loads of headroom and a big bottom end that blooms as notes are sustained. The PMC100 uses oversized transformers like its KT66 predecessor with high voltages that produce guitar tones like no other amp. At 85 watts clean and 136 watts full bore it is a bit more powerful than the previous KT66 version. "


" Only FIVE of these limited amps will be built by Mitch Colby in his New York workshop. They are exclusively available through Clif Jones at LA Vintage Gear. "

Specifications :

Power: 85 watts clean, 136 watts when pushed

Tubes: four KT66s, three 12AX7s

Front panel: Volume (ch1), Volume (ch2), Treble, Mid, Bass, Brightness, On/Off, Standby, HT Fuse

Back panel: IEC mains (AC) socket with fuse, Impedance selector (16, 8, 100V), two speaker outputs, PPIMV Master Volume

Dimensions: (H) 10.75” plus 0.5” for feet, (W) 29”, (D) 10.75”

Weight: 45 lbs