Nolatone CL-15 Chimey Limey 1×12 Combo – Fawn Tolex

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Nolatone CL-15 Chimey Limey 1×12 Combo – Fawn Tolex


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From the builders site -

CL-15 Chimey Limey
The CL series amps were developed to deliver the magical bloom, chime, and grind of the coveted British amps from the 60's, but in more abundance and with higher quality than the currently available offerings from "the big V". And, with the cosmetics and standard color scheme of the CL-15, we lend credence to the great nostalgic Watkins Dominator of the 50's.Part of why we chose the 1960 version of the "AC" amps is the pure tone of the more simple circuit vs the more complex (though still wonderful sounding) Top Boost circuit. However, part of the magic of the 1960 circuit is also part of the problem with that version as well, the EF86 pentode tube.

The EF86 pentode sounds amazing and works great with pedals, but it is unreliable and prone to microphonics. I suspect that's part of why the "V" design changed to use a 12ax7 triode input stage later in that decade.

We've discovered a technique for wiring a dual triode externally to operate as a pentode (like the EF86!). We use a 12dw7 (JJ ecc832) tube which is readily available as a new production tube. The result is the same level of gain and dynamics of the ef86 without the unreliability and microphonics. It also offers the same great prominent boost characteristics when engaging the Chimey Limey's boost mode. The result is what many consider to be the best "V" style amp available today.

The CL-15, like it's big brother, the CL-30, offers the epitome "V" goodness. Huge, 3-dimensional cleans that bloom and breath, revealing even the slightest nuances of your guitar, pickups and hands. If jangle is your thing, it's there too, just grab your Ric, click the tone clicker down to reduce the bass and you've got instant Mr. Tamborine Man.

When pushed the CL-15 smoothly transitions into some of the most beautiful, sweet, and dynamic chimey power tube overdrive you are likely to hear this side of the 60's! The CL-15 offers this all at a more reasonable volume level than the CL-30.

*this combo comes loaded with a single WGS Black & Blue Alnico 15 Watt speaker

Plug into a Chimey Limey and you will immediately understand how it got it's name!

Weight 45.6 oz
Dimensions 35 × 23 × 10 in