Morgan Amplification M5 Black – Made for / Owned by Michael Landau

Morgan Amplification M5 Black – Made for / Owned by Michael Landau


Morgan Amplification M5 Black – Made for / Owned by Michael Landau

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*Previously owned by Michael Landau

All the things we love about the PR5 and PR12 but in a even simpler format... the M5 is a non reverb version of this great circuit and we have it available in a head! Michael Landau inspired!

Sounds great on a myriad of cabinets, here at LAVG we especially love the PR style line of Morgan Amps with a 1X12 V30 loaded Kerry Wright Cabinet.

Classic American amp tones in a boutique combo

The 5-watt, Class A, Morgan Amps M5 delivers big tones reminiscent of '60s American amps at volume levels well suited to studios, living rooms, and small gigs. The custom-made Mercury Magnetics transformers give the M5 a distinctive compression and boutique-sounding sweetness not found in the original vintage amps. The M5 is far from a one-trick pony. Whether you play blues, rock, country, or jazz, the Morgan M5 tube amp combo has you covered.

Simple controls unleash a wide tonal range

You can tell that Morgan Amps products such as the M5 tube amp combo are made for hard-gigging guitarists just by looking at them. The simple control set conceals a surprisingly wide range of tones, but you'll never have to spend long turning numerous knobs to get the right sound.

Morgan Amps M5 Tube Amplifier Combo Features:

  • 5-watt, American-voiced combo with reverb
  • Extremely touch sensitive, even at low volume levels
  • Custom USA-made Mercury Magnetics transformers for boutique-like sound
  • 1 x 6V6 power tube and 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes deliver all-tube tone
  • Perfect for recording studios and smaller venues
  • Fixed-baffle design lets the entire cab resonate
  • Rugged, road-ready, Baltic birch construction with dovetail joints

The Morgan Amps M5 tube Head amplifier delivers classic sound in a compact package!

Morgan Amplication was born out of a need for a simple, touch sensitive, responsive and great sounding amplifier which is offered at a price that is not out of reach for most players. Morgan amps are not built around a bunch of different channels or switches but rather an amplifier that becomes as much as an instrument as your guitar.