Friedman ‘Dirty Shirley’ 40 Watt Guitar Amp Head – MINT Condition!

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Friedman ‘Dirty Shirley’ 40 Watt Guitar Amp Head – MINT Condition!


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Check out this gently used Friedman Dirty Shirley 40 Watt Amp Head in MINT CONDITION!


"Get fat and driving classic rock tones with the Friedman Dirty Shirley all-tube guitar amplifier head. Based on the sought-after JTM 45 amp, the Dirty Shirley gives you a wide range of tones from smooth and clean to Friedman's famous high-gain tones. The response and sensitivity of this amp is amazing; roll back your guitar's volume control for clean tones and turn it up for crunch and sustain. Powered by a pair of 5881 power tubes, Friedman Amplification's Dirty Shirley tube amp head is a must have when you need that classic rock sound."

Friedman Amplification Dirty Shirley Guitar Amplifier Head at a Glance:

  • An all-tube rock 'n' roll machine
  • Handbuilt for exceptional tone
  • Dave Friedman: amp guru to the pros

An all-tube rock 'n' roll machine

With 40 watts of all-tube power, the Friedman Dirty Shirley guitar amp head gives you killer classic rock tones. Ranging from shimmering cleans to slightly overdriven tones to pushed lead tones a la Zep and ZZ Top, this rock 'n' roll powerhouse has the tones you're looking for. A 3-position switch lowers your overall gain structure - the highest setting delivers the Dirty Shirley's original sound while the lower two yield phenomenal vintage-tinged tones. A duo of 5881 power tubes - a favorite among Sweetwater guitarists - delivers a punchy and touch responsive sound that guitar players long for. When you're rocking out and need to clean up your tone just roll back your guitar's volume and keep playing. If you're looking for classic rock tones in a compact package, then you need the Friedman Dirty Shirley amp head!

Handbuilt for exceptional tone

All Friedman Amplification products are handwired to exacting specs to give you amazing tones every time you play. Premium components and attention to detail ensure that your Dirty Shirley amp head will deliver the sound you want and need onstage or in the studio. It doesn't matter what type of music you're into; a premium, handbuilt Friedman amp has the tonal palette you need to create the sound you're after.

Dave Friedman: amp guru to the pros

For over 25 years, Dave Friedman has been tweaking, building, and repairing amps for some of the biggest names in music. His legendary reputation among touring musicians has gained him a loyal clientele including the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, Jerry Cantrell, and more. Dave has created his own production amp line utilizing his sought-after skills and talents.

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