Friedman Custom 50 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head – White Tolex Finish with Gold Piping-in Excellent Condition!

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Friedman Custom 50 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head – White Tolex Finish with Gold Piping-in Excellent Condition!


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Built by illustrious amplifier builder Dave Friedman himself around approximately 2013; this is a Custom Friedman 50 Watt EL34 based Guitar Amplifier Head in White Tolex with Gold Piping (Speaker Cabinet in Photos NOT INCLUDED).

This head was custom built especially for it's previous owner. This is what he had to say about it ......

"I had a Friedman Dirty Shirley, actually two.  I loved them but I missed the EL34 growl and power from a 50 watt.  So I called up Dave and bought a brand new ivory white BE100.  I got the amp and it was just tooooo much gain and not enough vintage vibe for me.  So I called Dave up to see if he could build me a custom 50 watt amp....." 
Summary of Specs
1. 50 watts, el34, pure signal with an effects loop
2. Built by Dave himself
3. Probably the only amp that is a Custom Shop like this in the world
4. We went after a JTM45 vibe in the low gain channel with solid state rectifier and a JMP vibe on the high gain input.  Both vintage vibe like all the classic records I was going after (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, UFO "Rock Bottom", Stooges, Joy Division, Jethro Tull, RUSH early)  There is a gain switch if you want to get into Randy Rhoads/Motor Head territory.
5.  When I got the amp with NOS EL34's I was blown away!  I called Dave to talk and find out if there's anything more we could do to the amp to make it excel even more, perfect the classic amps of the days and we both agreed on Chris Merren's Output transformer and choke)  Dave helped me order the right one from Chris and those were put into the amp.  End of story and one of the best amps on the streets.  I hope you're blown away...I sold my 73/74' Marshall JMP and kept this amp!
6. The original output transformer and choke I sent separately, so if anyone wants to compare the two they can.
7.  I named her the Virgin Mary...she's incredible.  This amp is so inspiring and loves vintage blackbacks or modern Heritage Greenback 20 watters.  My favorite position is Low Input, Mids cranked, Master Volume 6 to 8 and Gain at 4 to 6 on the dial numbers, with the gain switch off, just a KLON in front when needed.  That's it.
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