Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie Combo Amp – 2019 – Based on a Brownface deluxe amp – 6G3 circuit

Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie Combo Amp – 2019 – Based on a Brownface deluxe amp – 6G3 circuit


down brownie

Cutthroat Audio’s Down Brownie™ is based on the legendary 6G3 circuit used in the 1961-63 Brown Deluxe.  Known as the “mini-Marshall”, the 6G3 delivers a unique blend of warm, clean tones at lower volumes and quickly transitions into a very crunchy, yet smooth overdriven tone that is unique among its Brownface-era cousins. Not to mention the seductive & swampy bias-vary tremolo, found only on the Tweed Tremolux, Brown Princeton, Brown Deluxe and Brown Vibrolux.

Down Brownie’s two unique channels deliver classic rock tones in spades. The British channel has a decidedly “across the pond” tone, due to its JMP50 inspired preamp section.  The Brown channel is pure unadulterated 6G3 goodness, just as Leo designed it.  Pull the British volume knob to internally jumper the British and Brown channels.  Pull the British tone knob to switch in a warmer bright cap (great for single coils). Around back, there’s a rectifier switch (tube/solid state), negative feedback switch and ohm selector switch.

The Down Brownie uses Mercury Magnetics transformers, Weber 12A125-S Alnico speaker, custom aluminum chassis, SoZo coupling caps and carbon composition resistors, all handwired on a custom G10FR ‘glass circuit board.  In other words, all the good stuff!  Here are a few of the features that set it apart from other amps in this category:

-Rich Mod II PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume)

-British/Brown channel jumper switch

-Switchable bright cap on British channel

-Switchable rectifier (tube/solid state)

-Switchable negative feedback (6G3/5E3/JTM45)

-Ohm selector switch (4/8/16)

-External adjustable bias pot

Down Brownie™ Components & Specifications:

  • Weber Vintage Alnico 12A125-S 8 ohm, 30 watt speaker (a P12Q-inspired Alnico, but with tighter bottom-end and later breakup)
  • Mercury Magnetics FBDP-Down Brownie power transformer (custom wound for us by MM)
  • Mercury Magnetics FBDO-M output transformer (4/8/16 ohm taps)
  • Mercury Magnetics HD 14AWG 10′ power cord
  • SoZo NextGen Blue Molded Vintage and Yellow Mustard Vintage capacitors
  • Sprague, F&T electrolytic capacitors
  • Carbon composition resistors
  • Belton sockets, Carling switches, Switchcraft jacks
  • CTS, Bourns and PEC potentiometers
  • Custom-made lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Custom-made vintage correct cabinet to our specs using selected lightweight #2 pine & 1/4″ finger joints just like Leo made ’em. They’re even stained inside for that vintage “cedar” look (dust bunnies not included).
  • Old-school hand wired construction with our custom-made G10FR ‘glass eyelet boards and correct gauge pushback wire
  • 20 watts, (2) TAD matched 6V6GT-STR’s; (1) TAD GZ34; (1) Mullard RI CV4004/12AX7 & (2) JJ 12AX7
  • Weighs just 30 pounds; grab ‘n go!

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