(SOLD) DeTEMPLE T-Style Guitar

owned by Oliver Leiber

Built by one of the greatest guitar builders around

Picture of this very guitar on stage with Oliver while playing alongside Don Felder.

Weight - 6.9 lbs

Michael DeTemple built the first DeTemple ‘56™ for himself back in 1995. As a master luthier he had been making, servicing and repairing guitars for over 40 years, but this variant was the first specifically created to mirror the nature and feel of his own favorite old Strats® (a ‘56 and a couple of ’58s).

As a professional player, the original intent was not to start a new business, rather he was concerned about wear, potential damage or theft of of his valuable and irreplaceable originals. And an ongoing search for suitable, modern replacements with that same “magic” hadn’t turned up anything to his liking. Apparently Michael wasn’t the only player who felt this way. His “White Blonde ‘56″ variant is now in high demand. Since 1995 DeTemple Guitars has introduced the Spirit Series line (the ‘52™, ‘56™, and P’55™), The Modern Jazz, The Stellacasta, and the newest addition, the Industry Standard…

All the DeTemple models come standard with Tone You Can Feel!

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 7 in