(SOLD) Cut Throat Audio Little Wing Small Combo Amp – 2019 – Based on a Champ amp / brown face circuit 6G1

(SOLD) Cut Throat Audio Little Wing Small Combo Amp – 2019 – Based on a Champ amp / brown face circuit 6G1


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Cutthroat Audio’s Little Wing™ is the 6G1 Brown Champ that Fullerton never built (but should have).  Starting where the Tweed Princeton 5F2-A circuit left off (5 watts single-ended, single channel, Volume/Tone), Brownface-era capacitor and resistor values were selected to voice it accordingly.  Then, just to make sure it wasn’t a one-trick pony, a second British voiced (JMP50) channel was added to the preamp section.

What does it sound like? Like a Brown Champ would’ve/should’ve; warm cleans quickly transitioning to a pleasing overdriven crunch. Pull the Volume knob to internally “jumper” the Brown and British channels for a third unique voicing. Pull the Tone knob to boost the second gain stage.  The NFB knob rounds out the front controls, letting you fine tune the negative feedback for just the right amount of “hair”.  Around back, there’s an attenuator switch and a Cathode/Fixed bias switch which subtly changes the amp’s response or “sag”.

The Little Wing uses Mercury Magnetics transformers, a Jensen P8R Alnico speaker, SoZo coupling caps and carbon composition resistors, all handwired on a custom G10FR ‘glass circuit board. In other words, all the good stuff!  Here are a few of the features that set it apart from other amps in this category:


-Pull “Jump” channel jumper switch on Volume control

-Pull “Gain“ switch on Tone control

-Fully adjustable NFB (negative feedback) control

-Attenuator switch for 5W or 1.25W output power setting

-Cathode/Fixed bias switch

-External adjustable bias pot for fixed bias mode

Little Wing™ Features:

  • Input 1 is JMP50/1987 voiced British channel
  • Input 2 is 6G1 Brownface voiced channel
  • Volume control for both channels; pull to jumper British + Brown channels
  • Tone control for both channels; pull to add gain boost
  • NFB control for adjustable negative feedback; choose from anything between 5F2-A to 6G3 to JMP50 to 5E3
  • Speaker output switchable between 100% and 25% power; practice volume available without any loss of tone

Little Wing™ Components & Specifications:

  • Weber Vintage Series Alnico 8A125-O or 8A125H 8 ohm, 30 watt speaker (a Jensen P8Q-inspired Alnico)
  • Mercury Magnetics FTPP-5 power transformer
  • Mercury Magnetics FTPO-5 output transformer; 8 ohms, big stack w/M6 grain oriented iron
  • Heavy duty 14AWG 10′ power cord
  • SoZo NextGen Blue Molded Vintage and Yellow Mustard Vintage capacitors
  • Sprague, F&T electrolytic capacitors
  • Carbon composition resistors
  • Belton sockets, Carling switches, Switchcraft jacks
  • CTS, Bourns potentiometers
  • Custom-made vintage correct cabinet to our specs using selected lightweight #2 pine & 1/4″ finger joints just like Leo made ’em. They’re even stained inside for that vintage “cedar” look (dust bunnies not included).
  • Old-school hand wired construction with our custom-made G10FR ‘glass eyelet boards and correct gauge pushback wire
  • 5 watts, (1) TAD 6V6GT-STR; (1) Sovtec 5Y3; (1) Mullard RI CV4004 & (1) JJ 12AX7
  • Weighs just 21 pounds; grab ‘n go!

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