Custom Audio Electronics OD 100 SE PLUS Guitar Amplifier Head – Owned by Scott Henderson! Excellent Condition!

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Custom Audio Electronics OD 100 SE PLUS Guitar Amplifier Head – Owned by Scott Henderson! Excellent Condition!


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Here's a Custom Audio Electronics OD 100 SE PLUS Guitar Amplifier Head - Owned by legendary fusion guitarist  Scott Henderson! Excellent Condition! With signed letter of provenance (see photos).

The road-proven OD-100 SE+ is hand-built and features two footswitchable independent channels, a tube-buffered effects loop, a “Plexi-style” output transformer and powered by four EL-34 power tubes for 100 watts of pure tube tone.

With the power switch in the OFF position and the Standback/Standby switch in the Standby position (O), flip the power switch to the ON (I) position. Wait sixty seconds, then flip the Standby switch to the Standback (I) position. This will prolong tube life.

To power down, simply switch the amplifier from Standback to Standby, then flip power switch to the Off (O) position.

POWER SELECT SWITCH (Located on Back) STANDBY / STANDBACK (Located on Back) I : ON, normal operationI : ON, normal operationO : Power is switched OFFO: Power is switched OFFCHANNEL 1 (CLEAN)All of our OD and PT amplifiers are based on a Class A/B Blackface™ style circuit. This channel is voiced to produce warm and punchy tones. Lower Gain 1 settings produce sparkling cleans. Higher Gain 1 settings deliver crunchy rhythm sounds, from Texas Blues to Glam Rock.

Boost 1 adds an extra Gain stage. Activating Boost 1 at lower gain settings yields a slightly boosted clean tone. Cranking Gain 1 and activating Boost 1 yields a thick, crunchy ‘70s style overdrive.

Adds sparkle and cut to Channel 1. Activate this switch when seeking modern Country or old school Funk style tones.

Adjusts the gain of Channel 1. Turning it clockwise will increase preamp gain and grind, which offers a range of clean and crunchy hard rock tones. Turning it counterclockwise reduces the amount of preamp gain, which produces a cleaner, more pristine tone.

Adjusts the amount of low end. Turning it clockwise increases the amount of bass, for a fuller, warmer Jazz style tone. Turning it counterclockwise reduces the amount of bass, making the tone thinner, and emphasizing the midrange and treble.

Adjusts the midrange. Turning it clockwise increases the amount of mids, which gives your tone a fatter more vocal-like response. Turning it counterclockwise produces tones reminiscent of ‘90s Alternative style music.

Adjusts the top end. Turning it clockwise increases the amount of treble, giving your tone clarity and brightness. Turning it counterclockwise will produce a warmer sound, which is excellent for dialing in classic R&B and Jazz tones.

Adjusts the overall output of Channel 1

CHANNEL 2 (OVERDRIVE)This is the Metal channel. This channel is voiced specifically to deliver a diverse range of tones, from a Blues crunch to hi-gain Rock, to over the top Heavy Metal with exceptional definition. Channel 2 responds dynamically to your instrument's volume control by offering a variety of shading from heavily saturated to gritty clean.

Adds brightness and cut to Channel 2. Engage this switch when dialing in higher gain settings to improve clarity and punch for a modern style overdrive tone.

Adjusts the gain of Channel 2. Turning it clockwise adds preamp gain for a variety of overdrive tones, from ‘80s style crunch at settings 2 - 3, to high-gain Rock and Heavy Metal when cranked. Turning this control counterclockwise reduces preamp gain. Pair this together with our popular Suhr Classic guitar and ML single-coil pickups for an authentic modern style Blues tone.

Adjusts the amount of bass frequencies. Turning this clockwise increases the amount of low end thump - ideal for dialing in pummeling Hard Rock and drop-tuned Metal tones. Turning it counterclockwise will reduce the effect and tighten up the bottom-end - useful when performing at louder volumes.

Adjusts the amount of midrange. Settings between 1 - 3 delivers a wealth of British and Thrash Metal scooped tones. Between 5 - 6 the sound becomes fatter/punchier - this helps cut through the mix and offers improved sustain for solos.

Adjusts the top end. Turning it clockwise enhances note clarity and attack, perfect for single note riffing. Turning this counterclockwise produces a sweeter Seattle based rhythm tone.

Adjusts the top-end response of Channel 2.

Adjusts the overall output of Channel 2

Boost 2 adds an additional gain stage. Activating Boost 2 at lower gain settings yields a fuller/pushed sounding overdrive. Cranking Gain 2 and activating Boost 2 turns Channel 2 into into a saturated high-gain lead machine, ideal for a variety of Rock and Metal playing styles.

Selects between Channels 1 and 2. To select Channel 2, press the Channel Select switch “IN”. The respective Gain 2 and Level 2 LED’s will illuminate.

The OD-100 SE+ has individual speaker outputs, therefore you must choose the appropriate speaker output jack(s) depending on the impedance (Ω) of your cabinet(s).

One 16 Ω cabinet, use the 16 Ω output jack.
Two 16 Ω cabinets, use both 8 Ω output jacks.
One 8 Ω cabinet, use one 8 Ω output jack.
Two 8 Ω cabinets, use both 4 Ω output jacks.
One 4 Ω cabinet, use one 4 Ω output jack.
Two 4 Ω cabinets, the OD-100 CL+ will not work with a 2 Ω load.

A speaker dampening control, that adjusts the overall feel of the power amp section. Turning it clockwise from the center offers a tighter more aggressive response. Turning it counterclockwise from center makes it spongier with more of a vintage sag and feel.

The OD-100 SE+ comes standard with a tube buffered series effects loop which performs well with pedals and line-level rack gear. The return level control acts as the SE+’s master volume while the channel level controls become your send levels.

The OD-100 SE+ tube complement consists of four EL-34 power tubes and six 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Output: OD-100 SE+: Watts RMS
OD-50 SE+: 50 Watts RMS
Tubes: OD-100 SE+: four-EL34 & six-12AX7
OD-50 SE+: two-EL34 & six-12AX7
Front Panel:
Ch 1: Input, Boost 1, Bright 1, Gain 1, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level 1
Ch 2: Bright 2, Gain 2, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Level 2, Boost 2, Channel Select
Back Panel: Power, Fuse / Power Entry Module, Standby / Standback, H.T. Fuse, Speaker Outputs, (4Ω, 8Ω, & 16Ω), Feedback, Whomp II, Effects Loop Level Return, Return and Send jacks and Footswitch
Dimensions: 28.5” x 11.25” x 9.5”
Weight: 55 lbs.

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