Blankenship Twinplex – 120 Watt Head

Blankenship Twinplex – 120 Watt Head


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*mint clean - Preowned

"This is the 120 watt version, two 6550 power tubes.  The trend seems to be for a clean pedal platform, and these are filling that bill by being pedal friendly. A lot of people are afraid the power will be overwhelming, but it is like a big luxury cruiser, docile until you need it! The front panel has volume, 6-position bright switch, treble, middle, bass, and presence, the rear panel has two speaker jacks and a 4-8-16 impedance selector."

Roy took a great Fender twin preamp circuit and mated it with a Plexi 6550 power amp with his own special tweaks.

 One of the most dynamic amps out there. You can go from whisper to band levels with your pick attack. The lowest noise floor on an amp I have heard, great low volume amp for cleans. Tons of headroom

Weight 650 oz
Dimensions 34 × 12 × 15 in