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Thoughtfully balanced design, impeccable playability, and unparalleled sonic depth — these are the elements at the heart of every Ronin instrument.

L.A. Vintage Gear is proud and excited to be Ronin Guitars official showroom and THE place to purchase your Ronin guitar. From the 1000-year-old redwood to their proprietary pickups and attention to detail we are so pleased to be a part of their revolutionary concept of tone and guitar building. Here we go: borrowing from the old – adding in the new. Ronin Guitars truly “ gets it “ and is at the forefront of the best of the best in your personal instrument wants.

Sustainable, lightweight and supremely resonant— we only use salvaged/reclaimed old growth redwood for our instruments.

The infamous foilbucker pickup in our badmoon semi-hollow

We specialize in rare 50’s and 60’s era car colors mixed custom for ronin guitars in a nitrocellulose base.