~  Danocaster  ~

We @ L.A. Vintage Gear are of course saddened by Dan and Val Strains decision to close shop but totally understand . They built the best modern day new / old guitar on the planet and the workload and backlog became overwhelming . Dan and Co. truly loved every guitar they built but 80 hour weeks will take it’s toll .

Life Comes First . As far As I know We Are Only Here Once .

So… L.A. Vintage Gear has been lucky enough to be Danocasters only dealer for 7 years now . We have represented over 350+ guitar sales for Dan.

I , The Owner of L.A. Vintage Gear decided to keep 4 personal Danocasters and offer my other 6 personal , handpicked or personally built Danocasters up for sale 

These Danocasters are no issue , the best of the best guitars . Zero ! fret wear . Maybe 4 hours of playtime on each . Some with Ron Ellis pickups . Some with hard to get finishes . Are they being offered cheaply ? No . Are they worth the money ? Yes .

Will I miss these Gems – YES !