L.A. Vintage Gear is proud to be a dealer for The Vemuram pedal company  Vemuram offers pedals for the musician who cares about his tone.

L.A. Vintage Gear offers the lowest prices available for these pedals.


Jan Ray

This is my personal favorite. It sounds and reacts like a turned up blackface Fender amp. More specifically, a Super Reverb. This is a superior drive pedal to pretty much anything I’ve stacked up against it. The bass response is so superb that even bass players are using this thing. Like the rest of its family remains articulate even at its highest gain.




Click on this excellent You Tube video done by a great player in Finland – Sam .
Sam really nails what the Jan Ray pedal does.






The Vemuram Oz Noy Fuzz Pedal

The Oz is the result of a collaboration between Vemuram and virtuoso guitarist Oz Noy.

Based on the Shanks 4K, the Oz is modified with 2 vintage Silicon Transistors and N.O.S parts.

The Oz has a good amount of gain if needed, but can also sound like a clean fuzzy boost pedal.

You can get nice clean tones by turning down the volume of the guitar and still retain the originality of your tone.

The Vemuram Oz is a limited run of 300 pedals. 

This is THE BEST Fuzz pedal we have heard , even the legendary fuzz faces . Its just the right amount of fuzz. 




Dig this nice rundown  from Mike McGraw – L.A. Guitarist . He really spent some time with it