L.A. Vintage Gear is proud to be a dealer for The Vemuram pedal company  Vemuram offers pedals for the musician who cares about his tone.

L.A. Vintage Gear offers the lowest prices available for these pedals.


Jan Ray

This is my personal favorite. It sounds and reacts like a turned up blackface Fender amp. More specifically, a Super Reverb. This is a superior drive pedal to pretty much anything I’ve stacked up against it. The bass response is so superb that even bass players are using this thing. Like the rest of its family remains articulate even at its highest gain.



Click on this excellent You Tube video done by a great player in Finland – Sam .
Sam really nails what the Jan Ray pedal does.






The VEMURAM John Shanks 3K. Guitar Effect Pedal

This Vemuram John Shanks pedal is a single germanium full range booster , built with the guidance of Grammy Award winning producer / Writer / Guitar Player John Shanks . John Shanks knows his tone . If your viewing this then you probably know .

This pedal is based on the Dallas Rangemaster , used by players such as Brian May , Eric Clapton , Ritchie Blackmore and Tony Iommi . Vemuram put in some tweeks with the advice of John which added a Sola Sound Tone Bender Professional MK II vibe which Jimmy Page used in Led Zeppelin which gave this Shanks pedal a hybrid characteristic .

Vemuram used hard to find hand picked NOS condensors . For the power outlet they used state of the art technology which allows for the great sound with a noiseless boost and large headroom .

The Bass knob makes the low to mid sounds boost to create this full range booster . From a clean sparkle to a crunch and at full boost it can drive like a Tonebender

Here’s a clip of the Shanks 3K. pedal . This clip really gives you an idea of how the pedal performs.

Only 300 of these pedals will be built !


Click here for a Demo as played by John Shanks